Employees at an Ottawa accounting firm are mourning the loss of two colleagues killed in a suicide bombing in Afghanistan and wondering what it means for how they do their jobs.

Martin Glazer, 43, of Gatineau, Que., and Peter McSheffrey, 49, of Ottawa, were killed on Friday when a suicide bomber and two gunmen attacked La Taverna du Liban restaurant in Kabul.

In all, 21 people were killed in the restaurant attack, in what officials said was the deadliest violence against foreign civilians in Afghanistan since the start of the war nearly 13 years ago.

The two worked as auditors for Samson & Associates and were in Afghanistan to assess projects delivered by non-governmental organizations.

Samson & Associates employees

Pierre Samson, left, and employees at his financial services firm met for a memorial breakfast Monday for their two fallen co-workers, Martin Glazer and Peter McSheffrey. (CBC)

The company's employees met Monday morning for a memorial breakfast.

Senior auditor David Clearly, had been to Kabul with Glazer and even eaten at the same restaurant with him. He said the news of Glazer and McSheffrey's deaths shook him severely.

"[My] immediate reaction was I kind of wanted to change careers, but I think it will change a lot where we go. We'll have to assess all that going forward," said Clearly.

Focus of work unlikely to change, says Samson

Many employees had grown used to working in Kabul and considered it relatively safe. Samson and Associates have built a niche auditing operations in developing countries, some of them war zones.

The focus of that work is unlikely to change, said company president Pierre Samson.

"We have people that are going to go back on the road, we have people that are going back to some of the danger zones, and we need to determine what's going to happen next," said Samson.

Samson said a safety review will help, but he's not sure any changes in security would have prevented the tragedy.

"We're provided with very good training on what to do [and] on what not to do abroad," he said. "Is there more we could do to protect ourselves against terrorists? I doubt it."

Samson said the men were trained for working in a war zone, and that this is the sixth time the company has sent auditors to Afghanistan.

Glazer's and McSheffrey's bodies are expected to arrive in CFB Trenton on Wednesday night, where they'll be picked up by their families.

A wake for McSheffrey is planned for Friday, ahead of his funeral on Saturday. Glazer's funeral is being planned for Feb. 1.