Client testifies in teen prostitution trial

An Ottawa man has tesfified in court that he arranged to have sex with two young women because he thought they were prostitutes, but he said that, in the end, the encounters never happened.

WARNING: Story contains graphic details that may offend some readers

An Ottawa man has testified in court that he arranged to have sex with two young women because he thought they were prostitutes, but he said that, in the end, the encounters never happened.

The testimony came Thursday during the trial of three teenaged girls, two of them 16 years old and another 17 years old, accused of forcing other teens into prostitution. They are facing 74 charges, including human trafficking and forcible confinement after their June 2012 arrest.

They’re accused of luring nine teenaged girls via social media to their southeast Ottawa home, where the girls were allegedly sold into prostitution.

None of the accused or victims can be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

Client testified

Gulamrusul Magsodie, 44, said he met the three accused through a friend who claimed to be able to help him "find a girl to have sex with, a blow job or whatever."

He gave one of the accused pizza and alcohol for free.

When one of the accused sent his friend a text saying she had a girl for them, they went to a gas station, where the three accused pulled a girl towards their car. Magsodie said he and his friend drove away because they did not feel right with the situation.

They were texted by one of the accused to come back to the gas station, so they drove back and Magsodie said "everybody was laughing," including the alleged victim.

They drove to Magsodie's apartment, where the alleged victim, who testified earlier in the week, gave his friend oral sex.

Magsodie said his friend told him he paid $60 for the oral sex.

He testified that a few days later one of the accused called him at 3 a.m. and told him she had a girl for him. He had a dispute with her over the amount to pay for sex.

He testified that he picked up a tall blond girl and took her to his apartment, where they talked on his couch and she seemed upset. Magsodie said the girl refused to produce ID when he asked her for proof that she was 18, so nothing happened between them. 

He said he offered to take her home but she refused, because two of the accused, who were waiting in his car, had some of her belongings. After 30 minutes, he brought her back to the house of one of the accused.

2 accused said they were "pimps," witness says

He testified that the next night his friend brought the tall blond girl to Magsodie's apartment, where she looked sick and bruised. He said the girl said she had not been allowed by the accused to sleep the previous night and that she suspected she was given ecstasy.

Magsodie said he offered to take her to police, but she refused.

Magsodie also said two of the accused told him they were "pimps."  

He will continue to testify Friday, the last scheduled day of the trial.