Do students feel prepared for life after the bell rings and their high school education is over? CBC Ottawa is asking the class of 2011 about their education, and whether they think it prepared them for the outside world.

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Each day the week of March 6 CBC producer Tiffany Tambeau will be looking at different issues affecting today's students:


Are you ready for life after high school?

MONDAY, March 7

School after high school

Are students ready for post-secondary education?

Does high school prepare the Class of 2011 for either college or university?

Click on our story here.


Are parents helping enough, or too much?

TUESDAY, March 8

Help from home

What role do parents play in a student's education? And our both parents and students ready for the leap after high school

A student and his mother shared their thoughts on All in a Day.



How do students learn best?

Learning styles and testing

Not every student picks up knowledge the same way.

Click on the story to see what our student panel thinks and check in with a construction class for some hands-on learning.


Is juggling work and school worth it?

THURSDAY, March 10

Money matters

The bottom line can play as much a role in life after high school as grades or skills.

All in a Day talked to students about the cash crunch and how they balance work with school.


Students may be the best people to help other students.

FRIDAY, March 11

Advice for students

The Ontario Minister of Education will offer advice for students on making the grade after high school. And students chime in with their own advice.

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