Work to build a condominium tower on Preston Street is set to resume Friday or Monday, about six weeks after a 25-year-old construction worker was killed by a large chunk of ice that fell from the walls of a deep pit.

Olivier Bruneau was working on the foundation of the Claridge Icon condominium building at 505 Preston St. on the morning of March 23 when a 12-metre-long mass of ice slid off the wall and crashed to the bottom of the pit.

Bruneau was conscious when paramedics arrived, but soon began to slip in and out of consciousness and eventually lost vital signs as he was being lifted out of the pit.

After his death, Ontario's Ministry of Labour halted construction at the site and issued nine orders for Claridge and Bellai Brothers Construction Ltd., the company that employed Bruneau, to comply with.

Olivier Bruneau

Olivier Bruneau, 25, died after being hit by a chunk of ice at a construction site on Preston Street in Ottawa on March 23, 2016. (Facebook)

Claridge was ordered to:

  • Ensure that walls of the excavation site be stripped of loose rock or other material that could slide, roll, or fall onto workers.
  • Submit a plan, to be reviewed by the ministry, about how the constructor would remove ice buildup on the walls of the excavation site before workers enter the site's lower level.
  • Provide documents about the site plan and safety talks relating to falling ice.

Bellai Brothers Construction Ltd. was ordered to:

  • Provide documents about the employment of Bruneau.
  • Ensure all equipment is used in accordance with operating manuals issued by their manufacturer.
  • Ensure precautions are used to prevent workers from falling, i.e., install a guardrail system.
  • Ensure precautions are used to prevent workers from falling through any openings on work surfaces. A protective covering that completely covers the opening shall be securely fastened and identified.
  • Place ladders on a firm footing.
  • Ensure that no productive work takes place until all orders have been complied with.

All of the orders have since been resolved and the stop-work order has now been lifted, the ministry said Friday in an email.

The ministry's investigation into Bruneau's death is ongoing. The organization has until March 23, 2017, to lay any charges, if necessary.

"The length of an investigation will depend on the complexities of the case. If prosecution for violations of the [Occupational Health and Safety Act] is warranted, charges will be laid within one year of the date of the offence," the ministry said.

Ottawa rescue Claridge 505 Preston Street construction worker March 23 2016

Firefighters and paramedics used a crane to perform a high-angle rescue of a construction worker who was hit by a large chunk of ice at the bottom of this construction pit on Preston Street. (Scott Stilborn/Ottawa Fire Services)