A councillor in Clarence-Rockland, east of Ottawa, announced his resignation from town council amid the ongoing breach of trust investigation into the mayor and two other councillors.

In a letter to town council, Raymond Serrurier said he has lost confidence in the council's ability to meet its obligations.

Mayor Marcel Guibord and councillors Guy Félio and Diane Choinière were charged with breach of trust in August, along with a lawyer.

Ontario Provincial Police started looking into allegations of corruption two years ago when emails alleged to be written by Guibord surfaced online that suggested collusion between him, the councillors and lawyer Stéphane Lalonde to oust a former municipal manager.

That manager eventually left with a severance of close to $400,000.

But despite the calls for the mayor's resignation and the petition, Guibord told Radio-Canada he vows to stay on as mayor and serve out his mandate.

Under Ontario law, elected leaders aren't required to step down when facing criminal charges.

Serrieur's resignation comes more than a year after two former political rivals filed conflict of interest complaints against him.

In August 2012, Jean-Claude Marinier and Archambault Mariner alleged that since 2006, Serrurier violated municipal conflict of interest laws by deciding whether to award municipal contracts to an engineering consulting firm where his son works.

The Superior Court will decide if the application will be heard.

Serrurier said he's leaving council with a clean conscience and that he plans to continue to fight the allegations against him.

Clarence-Rockland has 60 days to fill Serrurier's spot on council by election or appointment.