An incident with the hydro vault at the Civic campus of the Ottawa Hospital on Friday resulted in power outages and staff being moved.

Ottawa fire said staff reported smoke coming from a hydro vault in one of the buildings at the hospital Friday morning.

When fire crews arrived on scene, they determined it was a hydro fault in a below-grade vault — a problem with the electrical system for the hospital. 

The Ottawa Hospital said the power was out for parts of the Civic campus, but there was emergency power.

The hospital said 12 staff members were moved as part of a localized evacuation, but no patients were in the affected area. Paramedics also diverted non-critical patients to other hospitals for a few hours but resumed sending patients to the Civic by 2:30 p.m.

Ottawa Hydro said they isolated the circuits to secure the scene for firefighters and Ottawa fire ventilated the vault to clear any smoke. 

Late Friday morning, Ottawa fire said the incident was under control and cleared the scene.