A proposed by-law would require clothing donation box operators to clearly identify whether or not they are a charity and puts the onus on property owners to maintain the area around the boxes.

City staff were asked to consider what options were available to clean-up donation boxes that were becoming eyesores, with unattended garbage bags piling up outside the boxes.

Some members of the public had also complained about donation boxes that claimed to represent charities, but were in actuality for-profit operations.

Kanata South Coun. Allan Hubley spearheaded the push for changes, and has had for-profit drop boxes removed from outside a Kanata arena because they looked like charity boxes.

City to launch public awareness campaign

Staff are recommending a by-law that would require operators to put "enhanced notice" on the boxes to clearly define whether the operator is a charity, for-profit business or a non-profit organization. The operator would also be required to list contact information, pick-up schedule for the box, as well as alternate locations.

Property owners, however, would be responsible for ensuring the area around the box is kept clean and free of debris.

The city also recommends starting a public awareness campaign to let people know what the new rules are for donation box owners and property owners.

The report will be presented before the community and protective services committee next Thursday.