More than 1,100 City of Ottawa workers and police officers made the 2012 sunshine list, the province's annual disclosure of provincial and municipal employees earning $100,000 or more in salary.

Ontario Sunshine List

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This year's list included 820 city of Ottawa workers and 369 employees with the Ottawa police services, as well as hundreds of hospital and school employees.

Ottawa Hospital President John 'Jack' Kitts again topped the local list, making $630,485 in 2012, the same salary he earned in 2011.

Ottawa mayor Jim Watson made $168,102, less than city manager Kent Kirkpatrick ($342,978), police chief Charles Bordeleau ($209,802) and fire chief John DeHooge ($169,043).

Allan Rock was the highest paid university executive, earning $394,999.92 as president of the University of Ottawa. Here are a select list of notable people on the Ottawa list:

City employees:

  • Kent Kirkpatrick, city manager, $342,978
  • Isra Levy, medical officer of health, $309,526
  • John Manconi, general manger, transit services, $233,287
  • Alain Lalonde, auditor general, $219,288
  • Charles Bordeleau, police chief, $209,802
  • Marian Simulik, city treasurer, $203,369
  • John DeHooge, fire chief, $169,043
  • Jim Watson, Mayor of Ottawa, $168,102
  • Anthony Di Monte, paramedics chief, $157,987

Hospital employees:

  • Jack Kitts, Ottawa Hospital, President, $630,485
  • Bernard Leduc, Montfort Hospital, president  $438,885
  • George Weber, Royal Ottawa Health Care Group, President, $379,056
  • Alex Munter, CEO for CHEO  $329,999.81
  • Tom Schonberg, Queensway Carleton Hospital, President  $317,616


  • Julian Hanlon, director of education, OCSB, $236,054
  • Jennifer Adams, director of education, OCDSB, $219,262
  • Bruce Lazenby, Invest Ottawa CEO, $207,999