Environmental activists in Ottawa are hoping that Saturday's roundtable on greenhouse gases will produce some concrete action from the municipality for addressing climate change.

River Ward councillor Maria McRae chairs the city's environment committee.  Last month, Aija Auzina took a petition River Ward Constitutients to McRae's office at city hall.

"We're asking her to make a statement on climate change to see what she really thinks," said Auzina.

Local resident Martin Canning, who helped organize the roundtable, said there's been no sign of a will to plan for climate change, from McRae or city hall.

Last year's budget scrubbed air-pollution testing, shut down a Sustainable Communities office, and saw environmental scientists fired.

"You hear whispers ...conjecture about why it's taken so long to get here," said Canning of the roundtable he hopes spurs council to produce a climate change adaptation plan, something that's been on the backburner for nearly a decade.

City councillor David Chernushenko gave credit for organizing today's greenhouse gas roundtable to Mayor Jim Watson, rather than McRae. 

"I believe a lot of the impetus has come from the Mayor's office, in the end," he said.

McRae turned down several requests for an interview.