The city says it's considering redirecting shuttle buses for Redblacks football games off of Lakeside Avenue, where residents say the volume of buses is unsafe.

The city said there was always a plan to try out other routes.

The game-day shuttle buses for Redblacks games will continue to take Lakeside Avenue for the next three games, and then the city will test a different route that uses busier arterial roads: Sunnyside Avenue, Bank Street and Fifth Avenue.

"Obviously, you're putting buses onto very busy city streets ... and we'll have to see whether they can handle the shuttles," said David Chernushenko, the city councillor for Capital Ward.

"The buses have been a big success, in terms of attracting people to use them. Can we keep that success rate and minimize the impact on residential streets? That would be perfect. That's our ideal to aim for. We'll have to test out various options now and see," he said.

Lakeside Avenue connects Queen Elizabeth Driveway to Bronson Avenue, near Dow’s Lake, and is used as a route for free shuttle buses taking fans from Ottawa and Gatineau to TD Place.

Before Saturday’s game against the Saskatchewan Roughriders, residents slowly walked back and forth across the road in protest, slowing down the buses.

"There have been over 150 buses in an hour and a half on this quiet residential street with elderly people on it. [That], to me, is just unacceptable," said Kusum Menon, a Lakeside Avenue resident, who added that they counted a bus passing by every 45 seconds for four hours.