An Ottawa city councillor says she and her colleagues were put in a difficult position when they were asked to decide about a pension top-up for the city's auditor general.

Councillors agreed at a closed meeting last September to top up Alain Lalonde's pension. The bonus was never supposed to be made public, but the decision was leaked to the media Tuesday.


Auditor general Alain Lalonde has received a $100,000 bonus pension payment, reports say. ((CBC))

Lalonde, whose job includes monitoring spending and accountability at city hall, is reported to earn an annual salary of $208,000.

Coun. Diane Deans, who was one of two councillors who voted against the bonus, said she thinks city administration should make decisions about bonus payments.

"When an employee comes into the corporation, the arrangement around their pension and around their salary should all be finalized before they enter their employment with the city," Deans said.

"That wasn't black and white in this case, and that's really where the problem began."

Lalonde told CBC News that he followed all of the city’s rules and procedures.

Lalonde released a report last week that said the OC Transpo strike cost the city $5.9 million, more than double the $2.7 million cost Mayor Larry O’Brien had projected in February.

The report also said that management failed to address a conflict of interest in the city’s traffic operations department and called the city's paramedic dispatch system flawed and inefficient.