Christmas tree thief strikes local lot

About $2,000 worth of trees and wreaths were stolen from the lot of an independent Christmas tree seller in Ottawa Wednesday.
Ottawa Grinch spotted on security cameras making off with trees 1:50

A thief stole Christmas trees from the lot of an independent tree seller in Ottawa Wednesday.

Barry Sullivan said about $2,000 worth of trees and wreaths were taken from his lot outside the Canadian Tire store on Heron Road.

Store surveillance shows a thief first disassembling the fence around the lot before making several trips to carry away dozens of wreaths and Christmas trees between 3 and 4 a.m.

"[I have] disgust that someone would do that...it goes completely against the Christmas spirit, certainly he's a Grinch," Sullivan said.

Sullivan is now warning other vendors to tighten their overnight security.

"This is actually worrying me because now I know guys are actually looking for trees," he said. "Means I really got to tell my guy to keep his eyes and ears open. You hear a truck, go look."

A Christmas tree vendor. Manuell Cleroux, in the Parkdale Market said he is one of several vendors in Ottawa with an overnight guard and has even set up baby monitors.

Cleroux once had 100 trees stolen trees from his lot.

"They come and take a load. They come once that hurts you, they [come] twice it puts you in the hole," Cleroux said.

Sullivan said although the thefts did not completely wipe him out, they have dampened his Christmas spirit.