The Christmas shopping season seems to start earlier every year, as do the Christmas carols in area stores and shopping malls.

The toys might be different each year, but the demands are still the same. Many children want the top toys or the top games.

As a result, does the shopping season give you goosebumps? Do you fear the long lines, busy malls and late hours? 

CBC News tried to give you a leg up on the competition for this year's shopping season .



Tuesday | The Canadian Toy Testing Council, based in Ottawa, tells us this year's top toys. Here's a hint: they are twists on some classics from board games to card games to building blocks.



Wednesday | Pester power: the marketing tactics during the Christmas shopping season and how children's desires push parents to spend more. Experts say children are targeted as young as six months old because marketing firms know brand loyalty is instilled very early in a child's life.



Thursday | We examine the top 10 toys under $20. Local toy retailers give us their picks for fun but affordable toys this Christmas. There are popular dolls, LEGO superheroes and even a game for the entire family to play together. We scoured a few stores to gauge their opinions.



Friday | One Ottawa entrepreneur is starting a new holiday tradition of selling used toys before Christmas. The giant consignment fair of children's goods, Outgrow, Outplay, will run its first every holiday sale this year.