A lottery fundraiser for the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario has seen a drop in ticket sales this year.


CHEO Foundation chief operating officer Kevin Keohane is hoping for a late surge in ticket sales on Friday. (CBC)

As of Wednesday, only 69 per cent of the 55,000 "We All Win" tickets available had been sold.

The deadline to purchase tickets, which cost $100 each, is midnight tonight.

"For us the issue is very serious," said CHEO foundation's chief operating officer Kevin Keohane.

"For us it's a matter that we will have a lot of time and effort tied up in something that at this point is not going to raise the money that we had planned on raising or that we need," Keohane said.

Public service layoffs may be playing a role

Last year the same lottery raised close to $900,000.

But so far this year, the foundation hasn't sold enough tickets to break even.

Keohane said he believes public service layoffs may have put a damper on ticket sales, and he's hoping for a sudden surge of ticket buying before tonight's deadline.


Maureen Gauci said she bought her lottery ticket because she feels it's a worthy cause. (CBC)

Maureen Gauci bought a ticket because she feels it's a worthy cause.

"I have a child with special needs so we spend a lot of time at CHEO," she said. "That's why I choose to support it."

Rich Bissonette, meanwhile, said the lottery costs too much.

"They say the chances of winning are one in six but I'm not going to spend $100 for a toaster," he said.

The grand prize is $1.5 million in cash and the second prize is a house.