Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau extended condolences on behalf of the force to the policing community in New Brunswick after three RCMP officers were shot dead and two more wounded by a suspect who remains at large.

"Policing is a family and we all joined for the same reasons, that is to keep our communities safe. We enjoy a bond around the job — the very difficult job that we do,Bordeleau said Thursday morning. "Our thoughts and prayers are with them, their families and the rest of the RCMP."

A large section of Moncton, NB remains under lockdown after Wednesday's shooting spree. Police released a photo of the suspect —​ 24-year-old Justin Bourque —​ wearing military camouflage and carrying two rifles.     

"It's a challenging time because they're still identifying and looking for the suspect," Bordeleau said. 

"Police officers are human beings, so they have emotions, as well. We all have emotions but we're also professionals. So they'll focus on the task at hand in identifying and finding the suspect and bringing this matter to conclusion without further death or injury, and they'll park their emotions aside. But there's no question it is an emotional time for many officers, the members of the RCMP, and the families involved, as well."

Here in Ottawa, the mood is solemn, Bordeleau said.

"Everybody is reeling and really thinking about those members and their families. It touches everybody in a different way but our message is we are there to support them. We've offered, from an operational perspective, some support here locally to the RCMP as they deploy some of their assets to Moncton," he said. "We'll be there in the days ahead, as well."