myles foster fast2eat app carleton university

Myles Foster is a fourth-year business student at Carleton University. (

A Carleton University business student has created an app to make getting fast food on campus even faster.

Myles Foster said he was tired of waiting in long lines between classes so he created Fast2eat. Students can order and pay for meals on their cellphones —  then pick up the food.  

"It's been smooth," Foster said. " No technical hiccups and everyone has enjoyed the experience."

The fourth-year student said he is in negotiations to deliver the system to more Canadian campuses.

The app is part of a growing trend in which restaurateurs combine take-out with technology. Starbucks launched a pre-order app in the United States last week.

Zach Kleiman, who works with dining services at Carleton, said the hope is that shorter lines will lead to increased sales.

"We want to get them into the cafeteria, into the food court and get them to their class — and they don't have to wait in line," Kleiman said. "It's a unique solution to a problem in food service."

​But Joe Mariani, who runs the hospitality program at Algonquin College, said he was skeptical that ordering faster would translate into faster delivery.

"Unless they can somehow speed up that end production, you're really just diverting the lineups," he said.