Carleton University's Sprott School of Business is looking for a new building, and is considering two ambitious locations, including one tied to the proposed redevelopment of the former Domtar pulp and paper site.

Architecture and business students at Carleton University are working in collaboration on two proposals that would see the school move from Dunton Tower.

Dean Jerry Tomberlin said his school's current building is insufficient to the school's needs, so much so that none of the 2,000 business school undergraduates take any courses in the building.

"Dunton Tower has beautiful views, and I can't say much else about it that's good," said Tomberlin.

One plan would see a new home constructed on campus along busy Bronson Avenue, with a hotel attached.

Tomberlin said incorporating a hotel would allow the school to also cater to executives who want to learn, while at the same time benefiting the city.

"The mayor says we don't have enough hotels to support the conference facilities that we have... and there's a gap in that there's no hotel in this part of the city," he said.

In the other proposal, the school could move off site to Albert Island, part of the 37-acres of land where Windmill Development Group is planning to build a sustainable community they’re calling Les Isles on the old Domtar land.

Architecture Professor Claudio Sgarbi has walked with the developer around Albert Island, which lies beside the Chaudiere Falls.


Windmill Development Group has designs on 37-acres of land, including the former Domtar industrial area on Chaudière Island. (Google Maps)

"You realize that that portion of the river is really the core of the city," said Sgarbi.

Tomberlin said the biggest challenge to that proposal would be having students travel off campus to the site, but he said after the city's light rail plans are realized it would be only a seven-minute O-Train ride from campus.

Both projects have given architecture students and business students a chance to collaborate, with the first group focused on design while the latter group works to fundraise for the projects.

The ideas will be presented Dec. 11-13 in the atrium of the University Centre at Carleton. On Dec. 11, Windmill Developments plans to hold a community consultation on its island plans at the Museum of Civilization, starting at 5 p.m.