Car surfing in Gatineau nets 2 men hefty fines, 12 demerit points

Gatineau police issued 12 separate tickets after they found a group of people gathered in the parking lot of a Gatineau marina, with one of them car surfing.

Gatineau police fine eight others for trespassing on municipal land past a certain hour

Two men were each fined $1,300 and received 12 demerit points after they were caught car surfing in the parking lot of a Gatineau marina.

Gatineau police say they issued several tickets related to the incident after they found a man car surfing in the parking lot of Marina Kitchisippi de Gatineau on Sanscartier Street around 12:30 a.m. Sunday.

Police said the man was lying on his stomach on top of the vehicle while the driver was maneuvring around the lot.

The driver and the person surfing on the vehicle were fined $1,300 each, police said, plus both men received 12 demerit points on their driver's licences.

The driver also had his vehicle impounded and his driver’s licence suspended for seven days.

Eight others who were watching the car surfing were each fined $270 for being in a city park past a certain hour.