No charges will be laid after a video surfaced showing a heated standoff between a cyclist and a car driver last week, Ottawa police said.

The video, first posted online by Ottawa radio station CFRA, shows the car pushing up against the cyclist while the man uses his bike as a shield to hold his ground while shouting "no."

The video was shot by a passing vehicle on Bronson Avenue near Slater Street in downtown Ottawa. Police said it happened at about 3:20 p.m. ET on Jan. 11.

The cyclist and car driver were both heading north along Bronson when the cyclist made a lane change the driver didn't like, according to Const. Chuck Benoit, speaking for the Ottawa Police Service.

Cyclist, driver didn't want to press charges

A heated argument ensued, eventually leading up to the car pushing against the cyclist and captured in the video.

"No, you can't do that man," the unidentified filmer is heard saying. 

The 39-second video doesn't show what led up to the incident or what happened after. Benoit said police arrived and spoke to both parties, as well as several witnesses.

No one was injured and neither of the two men wanted to press charges, so the case was closed, Benoit said. But the Ottawa police traffic unit, which investigates cases of road rage, might take another look at the incident, Benoit added.

'People should not take matters into their own hands'

Staff Sgt. Stephane Tracy had said Sunday morning that police were investigating what happened.

"We don't condone this type of behaviour and we don't want people to engage in this type of behaviour," he said. "... People should not take matters into their own hands." 

Tracy initially said there were several charges under the Highway Traffic Act or Criminal Code that could apply to the people involved in the video, including the person filming if they were using their phone while driving.

Ottawa police said in a tweet Sunday afternoon the case was investigated earlier this week and that "the complainant did not wish to pursue charges."