The driver fled after crashing their car into the Rideau Canal Friday morning. (Jaimie Kehler/CBC)

Police are trying to determine how a car ended up in the Rideau Canal near Lansdowne Park early this morning.

At about 2 a.m. Friday morning police were called to Queen Elizabeth Drive south of 5th Avenue after reports that a 2006 Honda Accord was in the waterway.

Water in the mostly drained canal is only knee deep.

The car was removed early Friday morning, but the CBC's Jaimie Kehler said evidence of the crash could still be seen.

Skid marks on the road suggest the sedan may have been travelling quickly when it hit the curb, vaulted the sidewalk, crashed through a fence and onto the channel.

The driver and any other occupants of the car did not stay on the scene.

Police are trying to determine who was behind the wheel at the time.