Corner Gas, based in rural Saskatchewan, was one of the most successful Canadian sitcoms during its six-season run from 2004 to 2009.

One of its anchors was Eric Peterson, who played Oscar Leroy, the father of main character Brent.

Dr. Andrew Makrigiannis on Our Ottawa

Dr. Andrew Makrigiannis talks about the $1.7 million grant for cancer research, which he received part of, on this week's episode of Our Ottawa with Lucy van Oldenbarneveld. (Adele Cardamone-Martel/CBC)

He is also starring in the play, Seeds, at the National Arts Centre from March 26 to April 12. Watch his interview with Lucy in the video link above.

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Also this week on Our Ottawa with host Lucy van Oldenbarneveld:

  • Cancer research | $1.7 million given to Ottawa scientists. Dr. Andrew Makrigiannis talks about his innovation grant.
  • Made in Ottawa | We visit a gluten-free bakery that's drawing customers in droves.
  • Jack Pine | From loss to fortune: How one Ottawa man decided to go into business for himself and succeed.

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