Some of the events planned for the New Year's Eve party on Parliament Hill in downtown Ottawa — doubling as the ceremonial end to Canada's sesquicentennial celebrations — have been cancelled due to extreme cold.

While some activities are still happening, such as public skating on the Canada 150 rink, most of the musical events have been called off. There are also some cancellations for the Saturday before New Year's Eve.

The events cancelled for New Year's Eve include:

  • Hockey on the Hill
  • Tim Hortons on the Hill
  • Roaming Referees
  • Kumpa'nia percussion show
  • Rhythm Works percussion and dance show
  • Algonquin language learning in a tipi
  • Canada 150 closing party on the Hill
  • Carl Müren and Evana Müren concert
  • DJ Shub concert
  • Kardinal Offishall concert

The events cancelled for Dec. 30 include:

  • Hockey on the Hill
  • Tim Hortons on the Hill
  • Roaming Referees
  • Kumpa'nia percussion show
  • Rhythm Works percussion and dance show
  • Algonquin language learning in a tipi

Public skating on the Hill, the tipi illumination and the winter lightscape shows, including the Christmas Lights Across Canada display, are still happening on both days. Fireworks planned for New Year's Eve on the Hill at midnight will also go ahead as scheduled.

Daddy-daughter duo disappointed

Carl Müren and his daughter Evana were scheduled to perform Sunday night.

The duo DJs together and were to take the stage in front of the New Year's Eve crowd on Parliament Hill.

But the weather has frozen them out as well.

Carl and Evana Müren

Daddy-daughter DJ duo, Carl and Evana Müren were scheduled to preform on the Hill on New Year's Eve. Now they are making alternative plans. (CBC News)

"It was going to be special. Something that would bond us for the rest of our lives." said Carl Müren.

He said they are not sure what their plans are going to be for New Year's Eve at this point, but he suspects many people are disappointed.

"I think right now everybody is trying to have some super event to go out to," he said. "It's so Canadian, the fact that it's cancelled due to weather."

Dress warmly to avoid frostbite

Organizers are asking spectators to take the cold weather into account when preparing for the weekend's festivities. Visitors are advised to dress warmly to prevent frostbite and other potential injuries.

A cold spell descended on the region earlier this week. A high of –19 C is expected Saturday with the wind chill making it feel more like –30 C. On Sunday the high is expected to be –20 C, with an overnight low of –24 C.

The norm for this time of year is between –6 C and –14 C, according to Environment Canada.

Temperatures are expected to warm up early next week.