Some Ottawa-area businesses want the federal government's Kyoto plan to provide more incentives to encourage homeowners to invest in renewable energy.

The federal environment minister unveiled his plan to meet Kyoto targets earlier this week, but some say the plan places too much onus on consumers, without enough motivation.

D.J. MacIntyre, who sells solar and wind power technology at his business in west Quebec, says he now sees many residents looking for green power for their homes and cottages.

But MacIntyre complains there's no direct government rebate for these customers.

He'd like to see tax credits and the refund of federal and provincial sales tax on the purchase of renewable energy products. He's started a petition with that aim.

Dan Gibson, who sells geothermal heating and cooling systems at Earth Energy Solutions, agrees that consumers need an extra push.

"People are not as motivated when they consider the environmental effects as much as they are when it comes to finances," said Gibson.

He points out that there's no financial motivation when it comes to installing renewable energy systems in brand new houses.

The program the federal government currently has aimed at homeowners offers home energy audits and rebates if homeowners retrofit their houses with things like efficient furnaces, windows, and appliances.