Bungalow destroyed after fire near North Gower

Ottawa fire investigators are looking into a fire near North Gower that destroyed a bungalow.

Fire investigators examine blaze on Rogers Stevens Drive that caused $400,000 damage

Ottawa fire investigators are examining a blaze that destroyed a bungalow near North Gower on Sunday morning.

Fire officials say a firefighter on his way to work noticed a house fire at 3457 Roger Stevens Dr. at about 5 a.m. Sunday.

Emergency crews then responded and reported all those inside the house had escaped.

Firefighters were forced to tackle the fire from outside due to its size. The fire was under control almost two hours after it was first reported, officials said.

The total damage is estimated at $400,000 and the cause is under investigation. Nobody was injured.

It was a busy few hours for firefighters. On Saturday evening, they broke down the door of an apartment at 69 Putman Ave. to save a woman after a fire was caused by unattended cooking.

The woman was suffering from smoke inhalation and she was treated by paramedics. Firefighters then knocked the fire down and ventilated the apartment.

Firefighters also knocked down a fire on a balcony at 415 MacLaren St. around 2:30 a.m. Sunday. Nobody was hurt or displaced.