A domestic Vietnamese pig named Bull has been reunited with his family in a west Quebec town north of Ottawa after he was missing for more than a year and a half.

Bull the domestic pig found reunited Cantley Quebec

Bull the domestic pig has been reunited with its family after being missing for a year and a half. (Jeanne Armstrong/CBC)

Earlier this month, the Outaouais SPCA were called out to deal with what someone thought was a wild boar. It looked wild, but didn't behave like it.

After the pig was finally trapped — an arduous process that took 10 days — the pig's original owners read the story in a newspaper and thought it might be their pig. In October 2012, Bull ran away from their home in Cantley, Que. Vietnamese pigs are smaller and tamer than wild boars, and the family assumed the pig had been eaten.

Not so. Click the Soundcloud below to meet Bull the pig, the SPCA's France Dubois, and the pig's owner, Jessica Dambremont.