Daniel Groulx said he discovered the bug after he opened a prepackaged turnover kit. (CBC)

Members of an Ottawa family say they can't look at pastries the same way again after discovering a bug in a packaged bag of fruit filling last week.

Daniel Groulx discovered the bug imbedded in a clear bag of fruit filling used to make Pillsbury turnovers.

"I took the package out like I normally do and I noticed there was something dark ... I had a closer look and saw it had legs," said Groulx.

Groulx called the General Mills complaint line and said he was unimpressed with the company's response.

Groulx said they offered a coupon for a new box of turnovers, but said he and his family are hesitant to use the coupons.


Groulx said he isn't sure what he would do with a coupon for another of the desserts. (CBC)

"I'm wondering if that's enough for our troubles. It's a little lame if you ask me," he said.

Groulx's teenage daughter Valerie, for one, says she'll never eat the turnovers again.

"I felt sick to my stomach because someone might have ate that," she said.

General Mills investigating report

General Mills director of corporate communications Catherine Jackson said the company has apologized and is taking the situation "seriously."

Jackson said the company will investigate what she calls a very unusual incident.

"We're going to start working on this right away to resolve it," said Jackson.