Bucket list dream takes man with terminal disorder on stage

A 77-year-old Ottawa man who suffers from a terminal illness took to the stage at Ottawa Little Theatre to knock one of his dreams off his bucket list.

Bill Bird, 77, acts out play at Ottawa Little Theatre as he fulfills acting dream

Bill Bird is 77 and he has a bucket list, which his new wife helps him finish as days wind down. 2:23

A 77-year-old Ottawa man fulfilled a lifelong dream as his days wind down while a terminal illness takes its toll.

Bill Bird suffers from a rare brain disorder similar to Parkinson’s disease, called progressive supranuclear palsy.

On Wednesday afternoon, Bird, who is a lifelong fan of live theatre, was able to go on stage to act thanks to Ottawa Little Theatre.

It was an entry on his bucket list and a lifelong dream.

Watch Bill in the video above, as reported by the CBC’s Ashley Burke.