Bret 'The Hitman' Hart, the World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame wrestler, opened up during an interview on CBC Radio's Ottawa Morning Tuesday ahead of a Smackdown event at the Canadian Tire Centre.

Hart discussed how his career ended, his initial anger toward WWE, his brother's death during a WWE event and his eventual reconciliation with the company.

Owen Hart died during a WWE event in 1999, when he was being lowered onto the stage from the rafters.

"It was really difficult to get my head around [my brother's death], and it obviously had a very devastating affect on my whole family at home. My dad never was the same after that," Bret Hart told host Hallie Cotnam on Tuesday.

"But I also know that the reality of what happened with my brother Owen was that it was just an accident. And it took a whole to realize that, for me, but knowing that it was an accident I could live with it a little easier."

Bret Hart said a stroke he suffered in 2002 was the beginning of repairing his relationship with WWE.