In October 2013, CBC Radio's All In A Day host Alan Neal celebrated the Blue Rodeo album Five Days In July, which turned 20 that month.

The classic Canadian album, which went six-times platinum, was released in October 1993.

On the 20th anniversary, Neal invited Blue Rodeo's Greg Keelor and Jim Cuddy to the Ottawa International Writers Festival to share stories behind the songs.

While a much more edited version was heard then on CBC, here's more of the music and conversations from that fantastic night.

Part One

Featuring the songs Five Days In May (performed by Jim Cuddy, Greg Keelor and Mike Boguski), Hasn't Hit Me Yet (performed by Jim Greg and Mike Boguski) and a surprise visit.

Part Two

Featuring Bad Timing (performed by Jim Cuddy, Greg Keelor and Mike Boguski), Cynthia (performed by Jully Black), and Photograph (performed by Andy Maize and Lynne Hanson).

Part Three

Featuring recollections of Glenn Milchem, Anne Bourne and more, plus What Is This Love (performed by Mike Dubue) and English Bay (performed by Jim Cuddy, Greg Keelor and Mike Boguski).

Part Four

Featuring Head Over Heels (performed by Andy Maize and Lynne Hanson), Dark Angel (perfomed by Greg Keelor and Mike Bugoski) and Tell Me Your Dream by everyone plus an encore or two.