A division of BlackBerry is developing a technology that replicates the sound of yesteryear's driving experience, even as cars become quieter and more fuel efficient.

Ottawa-based QNX Software Systems  which was acquired by BlackBerry nearly four years ago  has debuted a couple of concept cars at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

One is a modified Kia Soul that showcases a new technology called "engine sound enhancement."

In its most basic form, it's a soundtrack that plays a simulation of the engine, both inside the car and for people outside.

QNX sales and marketing vice-president Derek Kuhn says it's aimed at customers who want a car that is better for the environment but still maintains its a sporty feel.

QNX says the technology offers a preview of what's to come in the next five years for the automotive industry. After the Consumer Electronics Show, QNX plans to take the technology on the road to various auto shows across North America this year.