A private member's bill that sought to restrict Quebec construction workers from crossing the border to work in Ontario has failed on second reading.

Tory MPP Jack MacLaren's Fairness Is a Two-Way Street bill had sought to return restrictions introduced in Ontario 1999 under the Harris government but that were later repealed in 2006.

MacLaren had said while Ontario workers are not prevented from working in Quebec, the Quebec government buries workers under "a mountain of red tape," making it prohibitive for construction workers to bid on contracts.

The bill sought to address the issue by putting up similar barriers for Quebec workers crossing the border into Ontario.

It was defeated on second reading by a vote of 43 to 25.

In a statement, MacLaren called out the government of Premier Kathleen Wynne for failing to support the legislation.

"Earlier this week Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne called for more co-operation between all parties and for non-partisan bills to be passed — she’s failed to deliver on that and she's failed Ontario construction workers," said MacLaren in a statement.