A bill that would have closed a loophole that allows red-light runners from Quebec to avoid paying Ontario fines was one of several bills to die when the Ontario legislature was prorogued.

But Yasir Naqvi, the Ottawa MPP behind the proposed legislation, said it may still be possible to regulate the change, rather than passing a new law.

Bill 131 would have made amendments to the Highway Traffic Act and Provincial Offences Act to allow municipal and provincial authorities to track down and deliver fines to out-of-province and out-of-country drivers caught running red lights.

The problem is an issue in Ottawa, where Quebec drivers account for a significant portion of those caught by red-light cameras at Ottawa intersections. But the city isn't able to collect those fines.

When Dalton McGuinty resigned as Premier of Ontario, he also moved to prorogue the legislative assembly, effectively killing all of the legislation that was still in progress. Navqi's bill had only had its first reading on Oct. 4.

Navqi said he will now look for other means of introducing the changes needed so that Ottawa won't have to wait for a new bill to be introduced.

"The minister of transport Bob Chiarelli is very supportive of plugging the loophole in making sure there is a level playing field when it comes to out of province drivers breaking the red-light and so I look forward to having those conversations further with him to see if there is any other options I can work on," said Naqvi.