An arctic-inspired iceberg sculpture, designed by sculptor Bill Lishman, is near completion on the grounds of the Canadian Museum of Nature.

Lishman, also known as "Father Goose" for being the first human to lead birds in the air with an aircraft, has spent the past four years working on the iceberg sculpture for the museum.

The CBC's Alan Neal dropped by the museum to speak with Lishman about the 13-metre high sculpture constructed out of a number of stainless steel parts.

While Neal was there, he snapped a few photos of the artist with the sculpture, located on the tundra section of the gardens on the museum's property.

lishman cbc ottawa iceberg museum of nature

(Alan Neal/CBC)

Lishman Iceberg ottawa museum of nature cbc

(Alan Neal/CBC)

Lishman calls this section of the sculpture, shown in the two photos below, "the shard."  It heats up in the sun.

lishman cbc museum of nature ottawa iceberg

(Alan Neal/CBC)

lishman nature museum iceberg ottawa

(Alan Neal/CBC)

This is Lishman peering out of the main iceberg and the recently added "bergy bits."

lishman ottawa cbc museum of nature iceberg sculpture

(Alan Neal/CBC)

This is Lishman's favourite innovation of the sculpture, the "selfie bergy bit," which reflects the whole sculpture. It was created using water pressure.