A van that collided with five cyclists on an Ottawa road two years ago showed no signs of having had its brakes applied during the crash despite dragging two bikes about 36 metres, a court heard Thursday.

Sommit Luangpakham, 47, is charged with multiple counts of dangerous driving causing bodily harm and failing to remain at the scene of an accident.

Ottawa police collision reconstructionist Sgt. Walter McIlquham testified Thursday that the trail of evidence at the crash scene suggested the van entered the bike lane where the riders were riding single file on March Road on the morning of July 19, 2009.

He said the van appeared to clip the trailing cyclist, knock the next two cyclists over and then strike the front two riders, dragging the bicycles under the front bumper for about 36 metres before running them over.

The two cyclists in those bikes had been sent flying by the collisions, according to earlier testimony from eyewitnesses.

All five cyclists were injured and one was in critical condition with brain injuries when taken to hospital.

McIlquham said there were no tire skid marks on the road or any indication the driver had applied the brakes during the incident, though he acknowledged that ABS brakes don't leave skid marks.

He had arrived at the scene after the five injured cyclists had been taken to hospital and said there were bike clothing scraps, skin and blood on the road that suggested the cyclists had slid along the pavement.

The Crown wrapped up its case with McIlquham and two other police officers who assisted in the investigation.

The trial will resume on Monday when the defence is expected to call its witnesses.