The bike lanes on Laurier Avenue opened on July 10.

Bicycle traffic along a downtown stretch of Laurier Avenue has tripled since dedicated bike lanes were installed a month ago, according to data the city released this week.

More than 42,000 cyclists have pedalled down Laurier since the launch of the pilot project on July 10, the city said Tuesday.

The lanes, which are separated from the rest of the road by a short concrete barrier as well as poles at regular intervals, run east and west along Laurier for 1.3 kilometres from Bronson Avenue to Elgin Street.

Some business owners have complained about the lack of parking and motorists have complained about increased traffic on Laurier since the lane barriers were installed.

Colin Simpson, the city manager overseeing the project, says he's been hearing from all sides since the project launched.

"We knew from what other cities have experienced in implementing a similar type of infrastructure that it was a controversial project," said Simpson. "We've learned that parking remains an issue although we have created 124 new parking spaces on Gloucester and Nepean streets."

The Laurier bike lane is a two-year pilot project designed to encourage cycling. Simpson said city council is considering similar paths in other parts of the city.