Bi-weekly garbage collection began Monday in Ottawa.

The change is expected to save the city $10 million and extend the life of the Trail Road landfill.

City crews will only collect curbside residential garbage every two weeks, while green bin compost garbage collection will continue to be weekly.

A city bylaw will also limit residents to six bags per household. The weekly limit has been three bags per household.

Families with diapers or incontinence products, meanwhile, can sign up for a collection service on off weeks.

The city also launched an online tool that will let residents know your new garbage day and send a reminder to residents the day before waste is collected either by email, telephone or through Twitter.

Environment committee chairwoman Coun. Maria McRae said the city will use one truck to collect both the green bins and either the blue or black box, depending on the week.

She said all of these changes mean fewer trucks on the road as well as savings for the city. It is also hoped the changes will help divert waste from landfills.

In 2011 the city diverted about 44 per cent of household waste from landfills through recycling and other programs.

The decision to switch to bi-weekly garbage pickup is expected to increase the diversion rate to 53 per cent by the end of 2013.