A fundraiser will be held in the municipality of Pontiac for a Quyon ferry worker, with twenty years of experience, whose arm was severed last month in an accident when trying to move the ferry.

On the morning of July 11, Harold McKenny was helping move the new Quyon ferry from one bay to another when a slack rope on the deck of the boat was sling shot forward with a force so strong, it severed Harold McKenny's right arm just below the elbow.

The nylon rope was being used to anchor one end of the ferry while the other was being towed from the shore.

"I don't even recall the rope cutting my arm off," McKenny told the CBC Radio show All in a Day.

"I remember going to scratch my ear and not having an arm — but that's about what I remember," he said.

Another man jumped into the water to find McKenny's limb, according to McKenny's uncle Don McColgan, who owns the Quyon ferry.

The arm was wrapped in a bag and McKenny was quickly driven to the hospital in Shawville, then to Montreal.

"It was a long drive," said McKenny.


A fundraiser will be held in Shawville for Harold McKenny. (benefitforharold.ca)

The arm was going to be reattached, but surgeons could not agree on if that was a good idea.

"Originally they were supposed to reattach it and one surgeon didn't think it would be a good idea, one thought it would so ultimately I made a decision not to reattach it and just move on," said McKenny.

He said the quicker recovery was a factor in deciding not to reattach the arm.

McKenny said his sprits are "top notch."

The fundraiser will be at Quyon Lions Hall Friday night at 8 p.m.