The inquest jury looking into the 2011 death of construction worker Benjamin Long is recommending the Ministry of Labour and construction companies need to work together to better ensure workers and managers are better educated about workplace safety.

Long, 50, was doing demolition and renovation work at a house on Marlborough Avenue in Sandy Hill and was jackhammering a concrete floor when a major section of it gave way.

He fell two metres into a basement and a 900-pound concrete slab then fell on him.

Emergency workers worked to free him and took him to the Civic campus of the Ottawa Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Benjamin Long, construction worker death

The death of Benjamin Long, 50, was ruled accidental after an inquest finished on Tuesday. (Facebook)

The inquest ruled he died of asphyxia with a neck injury due to the weight of the concrete slab that fell on him.

The jury found that no new rules needed to be put in place, but said workers need to be better informed about whether there are on-site workplace hazards.

Supervisor apologizes to family

Joe Hoskins, Long's supervisor, told the inquest earlier Tuesday he now realizes it was a mistake not to build a supporting structure under the slab Long and another worker were jackhammering.

Hoskins, whose father Abe owns Hoskins Restoration Services on Albion Road, said his father and Long were childhood friends from Newfoundland.

He said he was sorry the incident happened and apologized on behalf of his family to Long's family.

Long's widow Frances accepted John's apology but said she wished his father Abe had been at the inquest to say it himself.