The main downtown branch of the Ottawa Public Library has reported six incidents of bedbug activity in the past year. (CBC)

The bedbugs plaguing Ottawa's homes are also showing up in the city's libraries.

In the last year the main downtown branch has had six cases of bedbug activity, with the most recent sighting within the last week.

Library workers have found dead bugs, eggs or droppings in books and furniture. The libraries aren't required to notify the public when bedbugs are found.

"Bedbugs don't represent a serious health hazard," said the Ottawa Public Library's Elaine Condos. "But they certainly are a nuisance factor, so if we have any incidence of them we deal with them right away."

If employees do find bedbugs in books they seal them in a Ziploc bag and throw them out.

Ottawa Public Health says the risk of a bedbug infestation from visiting libraries and other public places is very low.