Former and current trades workers who worked at federal buildings say they are concerned their current health problems may be linked to asbestos in those buildings.

CBC Ottawa's Julie Ireton shares their stories in this three-part series.

Asbestos at federal building was a surprise to electrician


Ottawa electrician Denis Lapointe says he was exposed to asbestos and other toxins at work for 16 years, and only recently learned the full extent of his potential exposure after filing access-to-information requests.

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Canada Revenue Agency building on Heron Road lacks sprinklers

875 Heron Road

The Canada Revenue Agency's Ottawa Technology Centre at 875 Heron Rd. does not meet national regulations for fire safety put in place nearly 20 years ago.

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Asbestos registry demanded for federal public buildings

Hugh Graham, former Parliament Hill electronics technician

Tradespeople say they were unknowingly exposed to asbestos while working in federal buildings. Now, they say it’s time to develop a registry to inform workers about hazards that may exist in Canada's publicly owned buildings.

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