Think a Chagall, Dali or Calder would look good on your wall?

Now's your chance. Original prints from these modernist masters are part of a new exhibition at Ottawa's Cube Gallery.

It's the gallery's third annual Collectors Show, where private owners looking to pare down or change up their own collections try to offload their artistic goodies at market prices.

"It's like the highest-end garage sale you ever saw," said gallery owner Don Monet. "There are some people who are downsizing, or people who have so much art they want to move it from under the bed."


Marc Chagall's lithograph The Dream is currently for sale at Ottawa's Cube Gallery. (Cube Gallery)

Monet does a fair bit of detective work to make certain the art is being sold at fair market prices, so there are no steals to be found. For example, the Chagall and Dali prints will run you around $6,000 a piece.

Canadian art is also represented, with original paintings by Gerald Trottier, Dennis Tourbin and William Ronald up for sale.

Salvador Dali-Dumontet Marton-Colour Lithograph-

This colour lithograph by Salvador Dali is currently for sale at Ottawa's Cube Gallery. (Cube Gallery)

Cube Gallery is choosing to observe what's known as the Artists's Resale Right, which ensures either the artists or their estates will reap five per cent of the resale price.

Many artists never profit from the resale of their works, even if values soar.

"Many people profit when an artwork is resold. However, in Canada, the artist is not included. As far as we are concerned that is wrong," said Monet.

Monet said 93 countries already honour the Artist's Resale Right. Canadian Artists Representation, or CARFAC, is currently lobbying the government to enact the right.

Cube Gallery is located at 1285 Wellington St. W. The vernissage takes place Sunday, Jan. 10, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. The Collectors Show runs until Sunday, Feb. 14.