A 21-year-old man has been charged with first-degree murder in connection with the homicide of Lonnie Leafloor, who was found dead in his apartment in May after being stabbed.

Idris Abdulgani was charged Tuesday after he was arrested at the Ottawa courthouse on Monday.

He was expected to appear in court on Tuesday, police said.

Leafloor, 56, was found dead in his apartment at 1400 Lepage Ave., an Ottawa Community Housing apartment building, on May 2, 2016. His body had lain undiscovered for a period of time.

Shortly after Leafloor's body was found, his brother Randy told CBC News his brother was worried for his life after a fight that occurred about two weeks before his death.

"It was all about drugs. This individual put a knife to his throat and threatened to kill him," said Randy Leafloor. "Since then he was walking around with a screwdriver because he was very scared this guy was going to come back to kill him."

Randy Leafloor said his brother had once had a steady job as a truck driver but that after injuring his back 30 years ago he started using prescription painkillers, and that everything spiralled out of control.

"Before drugs were introduced he was a nice guy. He loved sports and his family. But drugs they're just so powerful. He had no control over it," he said.

Lonnie Leafloor descended into a life of poverty, became an addict and resisted attempts to change, his family said.