Archeologists have unveiled some of the 47,000 artifacts unearthed during a dig at Ottawa's Lebreton Flats as part of Ottawa's light rail project.

There were four key locations as part of the dig, including the Western Methodist Church and the West End Hotel on Wellington Street.

Objects uncovered included many medicine bottles, leather boots and ceramic dishes. Some of items could soon be put on display by the City of Ottawa.

The most exciting artifact found, though, was an 18th-century sword, according to lead archeologist Brandy Lockhart from Golder Associates.

"It's just so out of context. These are houses. This was found in someone's shed and it is a 1796 British cavalry sword and beside it we found a musket ball, as well," Lockhart said.

The archeologists also searched a parking lot along Albert Street, which needed to be investigated as part of the environmental assessment for the light rail transit project.