Students at an Ottawa high school have transformed the music of Montreal indie rock band Arcade Fire into a stage play.

The Neon Bible Project, by students at Canterbury High School, is a performance of movement and dance based on Arcade Fire songs.

It's about a dystopian society built on conformity and fear, ruled by an all-seeing corporation. The project is a collaborative work that required months of practice and brainstorming.

"You need to be open to try new things even if they sound weird, because sometimes that turns out to be the best," said performer Matt Roger.

Arcade Fire has made fans worldwide. But the band has a special connection to Canterbury High School — band member Richard Reed Parry is a graduate and the band played a special concert in the school cafeteria in 2007.

The band has given its blessing to the Neon Bible Project, developed by ardent fans.

"Their music is just so innovative and so theatrical, we've realized," said performer Fiona Saunder.

The students say they're sending the band a copy of the first performance and are hoping for a rave review.

"For me, the music can mean so much to say many different people that I just would hope they'd like our interpretation of it, and think we did something interesting with it," said performer Veronica Schleihauf.

The Neon Bible Project opens Wednesday night and runs through the week at the school. It's also showing at the Ottawa Children's Festival on Sunday, May 30.

In addition, the students will perform the play at Britain's prestigious Edinburgh Theatre Festival in August.