Another family plans to sue the City of Ottawa following the fatal crash between an OC Transpo bus and a passenger train, but says they will wait until the Transportation Safety Board finds out what caused the crash before moving forward with the lawsuit.

Michael Bleakney

Michael Bleakney, 57, worked as a civil servant and died in the crash. His family was the first to file a lawsuit. (Ottawa Police Service)

Six people on the bus, including driver Dave Woodard, lost their lives in the September crash in Barrhaven, near Fallowfield station. 

The first lawsuit was filed earlier this week by the family of 57-year-old government worker Michael Bleakney.

Among other things, the suit alleges that Woodard was dangerous and reckless, and that Woodard ignored the screams and warnings from passengers to stop.

None of the allegations have been proven in court.

Rob More, 35, also died in the crash. He was on his way to work at IBM that morning and was sitting at the front of the double-decker bus on the top level.

Family not planning to sue bus driver's estate

Rob More

Rob More, 35, had cerebral palsy. He was on his way to work when the crash happened. (Ottawa Police Service)

His family found a lawyer weeks after the collision and filed a letter of intent to sue the city, but now they're waiting until the cause of the crash is determined before they decide whether or not to move ahead with the lawsuit.

But More's father, Mike More, said the family doesn't plan on suing Woodard's estate. 

"I don't see any benefit in making his family suffer," he said.

"They've lost their breadwinner, so they're going to need whatever compensation he's got. I don't see that throwing them out on the street would be of any benefit. And if it's entirely his fault. I don't see where we can gain anywhere from carrying on [with the lawsuit]."

Mike More said he and his wife have repainted their son's room, laid out his favourite jersey, and filled a new cabinet with keepsakes, including one of the flags that was flown at half mast after the crash.

Mike More father Rob More January 2014 Ottawa bus crash

Mike More, Rob More's father, said his family isn't planning on suing bus driver Dave Woodard's estate. (CBC)

"It did feel like a piece of my heart had been ripped out, at one time," he said.  "[The lawsuit is]

 mainly to, I think, make sure that it doesn't happen again, that something like this doesn't happen again."

He also hopes every day without his son will get a little easier. 

"It could take months, it could take years to sort of get back to normal functioning," Mike More said.

Woodard's wife, Terry Woodard, said she doesn't have any comment about the Bleakney family lawsuit against her husband's estate. She also said she hasn't yet thought about filing a lawsuit herself.

The TSB investigation could take another six months or more to complete.