Ottawa's Annie Murphy of Schitt's Creek up for Canadian Screen Award

The Ottawa actress talks about playing former socialite Alexis Rose on CBC's Schitt's Creek with All In A Day host Alan Neal.

Nominated for best actress in a television comedy for playing clueless socialite Alexis Rose

The cast of Schitt's Creek — including Ottawa-born Annie Murphy, on the left — are up for a number of Canadian Screen Awards at tonight's gala. (CBC)

Regular viewers of CBC's Schitt's Creek will be well-acquainted with the character of Alexis Rose.

She's the fashion-forward, once-wealthy socialite — played by Ottawa's Annie Murphy — who finds herself stripped of her wealth and forced to live in the titular small rural town.

It's a role that could net Murphy a Canadian Screen Award this evening for best actress in a television comedy.

"She's an alien on this new planet," said Murphy, describing the juicy role to the CBC's Alan Neal on All In A Day.

"It really is kind of like a baby trying to figure out how to hold things, or what to do with a rag, or what to do with a stack of files. It's really fun to play."

Listen to Murphy's interview here and tune into the award gala tonight on CBC TV at 8 p.m. ET.