When the Anaheim Ducks took the Stanley Cup on Wednesday, they shattered the dreams of many Ottawa hockey fans— but made a dream come true for at least a few.

Kanata resident Emmett O'Donnell recalled the magical moment when he, his wife and some visitors watched the Ducks win their final playoff game 6-2 against the Ottawa Senators.


Emmett O'Donnell toasted "the best team in hockey" after the Ducks' win. ((CBC))

"We were all standing up here and someone went and got some champagne and we had a toast … I said, 'To the best team in hockey,'" recalled O'Donnell, father of Ducks defenceman Sean O'Donnell, 35.

InnearbyAlmonte, Les and Bonnie Huskins were also doing some celebrating.

Their son, Kent Huskins, 28,only joined the Ducks defensive corps three weeks ago after being called up from the minors.

"This was such an incredible achievement for them at this point in their careers— Kent is 54 games into a career, lifting the Stanley Cup," Les Huskins said.


Les Huskins (left), here with his wife Bonnie Huskins, said winning the Stanley Cup was an "incredible achievement" for his son Kent Huskins's team. ((CBC))

Bonnie Huskins said the longtime Senators fans among her friends and neighbours have been good sports about Ottawa's disappointing loss to their son's team.

"They're happy for him and they're hoping the Senators will come back and try again next year."

O'Donnell consoled hockey fans in his hometown on television after the game.

"I'm sorry it wasn't your year this year, but it was a heck of a team," he said. "I had friends that flew in for games three and four and they were amazed with the energy on Elgin Street and in the rink. So I think the people of Ottawa should be really proud of their team."

O'Donnell added that he was proud to be from Ottawa and he promisedhis hometown a special consolation— he's bringing the Cup home.

"Get the party ready for sometime in July or early August or whenever it's going to be," O'Donnell said. "Kanata, get ready!"