Some business owners in Almonte, Ont., are upset that planned hydroelectric construction on the Mississippi River could drive tourists away this summer.


Enerdu Power Systems in Almonte, Ont., has been generating power from the Mississippi River for two years. (Google Streetview)

Enerdu Power Systems has been generating power from the river for two years, but hasn't yet turned a proft.

Ron Campbell, Enerdu's project manager, said stabilizing the water flow by building a weir could change that. A weir is a kind of dam that allows water to flow over the top.

Constructing the weir would involve digging out 1,500 square feet of river bed with a jackhammer.

Town meeting planned for Wednesday

Pat Vetter owns Menzies House 1850 Bed & Breakfast just across the river from the planned construction site.

"Can you imagine what this is going to do to our community?" she questioned. "Nobody's going to come out here as a tourist and spend a day and walk along our main street. They won't be able to hear themselves."

Campbell said she hopes the digging would be wrapped up within a few weeks.

A town meeting about the project is scheduled for Wednesday.