Serenity Renewal for Families, a long established addiction treatment centre in Ottawa, is facing an uncertain future because of a lack of funding.

The centre has been providing counselling to families affected by addictions for 30 years.

Serenity Renewal for Families Ann Carmichael Ottawta

Ann Carmichael is the executive director of the Serenity Renewal for Families. (Twitter)

About 2,500 people use the services each year and unless the people who run the centre find a new source of funding, they could be forced to close its doors.

Nuns founded the centre and provided a space and the bulk of the funding for it, but three years ago the local congregation dissolved and the convent was sold.

Since then, the addictions program has had to turn to the community for financial support.

"Our needs are so modest and yet it's been this ongoing struggle for funding," said Ann Carmichael, the centre's executive director.

The centre's budget is more than $500,000 a year and right now it is in the red.

"If we don't get some grants in August. We're basically looking at giving back what we owe and give notice to staff," said Carmichael.