7 homeless after kitchen fires in Overbrook, Nepean areas

Two townhouse units were badly damaged after kitchen fires on Saturday evening, which has left seven people homeless in Ottawa.

Fire officials believe stove was left on, causing fire on Meadowlands Drive

Seven people are now homeless after two kitchen fires damaged townhouses on Saturday evening in Ottawa's Nepean and Overbrook areas.

Ottawa firefighters responded to 358 Prince Albert St. in Overbrook where they found a woman and her two sons, aged five and seven, outside the unit.

Firefighters declared a working fire and police helped move people away from the fire. Paramedics also treated an elderly woman for smoke inhalation and one firefighter for carbon monoxide and smoke inhalation.

A woman and her two boys are now homeless and the Canadian Red Cross and Salvation Army are assisting.

The damage is estimated at $275,000, but the fire damage did not spread to other units.

Stove left on in Nepean fire, firefighters say

Firefighters also responded to a kitchen fire at 1331 Meadowlands Dr. East just before 8 p.m. Saturday.

Firefighters declared the city's third working fire of the evening, according to fire officials.

The four people living in the two-storey townhouse were not home at the time of the fire. There were no injuries and the fire is believed to be accidental as the stove may have been left on.

All four occupants are now homeless.

The damage is estimated at $100,000. This was in a four row townhouse but the fire did not spread to other units.